Production, design and distribution of quality tires has become a part and parcel of French tire company Michelin. They offer one of the best services in the tire production market highlighting its reliable reputation across almost 200 countries worldwide.

Bicycles, motorcycles, luxury cars, and trucks (heavy and light duty trucks) have benefitted from the undeniable quality and elements Michelin offers with matching affordability and accessibility.

Michelin tires for sale at Dubaityreshop are best known for their strong grip power and have successfully been able to reach the expectations of tire technology and standards in terms of safety, functionality and trust. These makes the company one of the best suited in any condition of UAE and any country beyond.

Car models such as Ferrari, Toyota,  Mercedes, Porsche, Peugeot, Honda, Volvo and Mercedes are compatible with Michelin tire brands as evident in its success in yearly manufacturing and sales.

Over the years, Michelin has made so many victories in racing and endurance like MotoGP , Formula 1, and other international competitions  which makes them quite influential in the standards of tire marketing. Michelin have also made their stand as one of the biggest suppliers of tire production in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the United States.

The brand has achieved a remarkable standard in treading designs by applying the BAZ Technology which inspires the spiral style strips in their products to strengthen its texture and quality. This adds rigidity and balance to your tires to ensure great driving experience in both pedestrian roads and off-track terrains.

Michelin tires introduced EverGrip technology innovation that is implemented to avoid wearing, tearing and braking traction, which increases the durability of your tire life and ensuring stronger threads in both icy and slippery terrains.

Even with the absence of air pressure, Zero Pressure Technology is another one of the numerous innovations applied by Michelin to enable the tires survive heavy weight and endurance and allows for better speed and longer driving distances.

The company then ensures the presence of tour guides and road for many countries across the globe. The series has as a result, become a highly important innovation in tire production in modern day markets.


Below is a list of categories in Michelin products and their respective variants:-

  1. Energy;

Energy XM2, Energy Saver XL & MO

  1. Primacy;

Primacy 3 & 4, Primacy SUV, 3ST, 3ZP, 3AO DTI, MXM4, MXV4, 3 AO, 3ZP MOE

  1. Agilis
  2. Pilot;

Michellin Pilot Super Sport, Pilot Super Sport MO, MO1 & 3 MO

Pilot Sport 4, PS2 N3, HX MXM4, PS2 N1, PS2 N4, 4 AO, 4S, 4 SUV, PS2 N2, CUP 2

  1. Latitude Variants;

 Latitude Sport, Sport 3, 3 NO, 3 N1, 3 VOL, 3 MO, Latitude Cross & Cross DT

Latitude Tour HP N1, HP, HP J-LR

  1. LT A/S
  2. LTX M/S 2

You can easily find Michelin Tyre UAE online  for the perfect choice for your vehicle or contact the help lines for more information on placing an order today.

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