If you have had winter tyres on your car during the winter season, then you will move into a warmer season where it tends to be easier to drive. People might put less focus on summer tyres than they do for winter tyres, except it they have a powerful and sporty car and want to maximize the performance during the summer. Your summer tyres will have a big impact regardless of what type of vehicle that you have. Even if you don’t have a big and powerful sportscar or a big SUV, the difference between bad and good summer tyres is still significant and will ensure that you can drive safely and comfortably.

Good summer tyres will have much better grip on wet roads, which can be of significant importance when you have to stop abruptly. You also need tyres that can have good grip on dry roads, but that is easier than the slippery wet roads. The wet grip can be seen on the EU tyre label, where 3 characteristics are listed, so in addition to the wet grip also tyre noise and fuel efficiency is highlighted. The tyre noise is important for your driving comfort and maybe even more important if you have an electric car, as high tyre noise can be disturbing as they are quieter. The fuel efficiency shows the rolling resistance of the car tyres and it is not only relevant for petrol consuming car, but also for electric and hybrids as you will get further with each charge, which saves energy and is a better environmental choice.

Your summer tyres will also need to be equipped with the latest technologies to prevent aquaplaning when driving in wet conditions. This enables the tyres to better channel the water to the sides as well as store water within the tread to avoid that the tyres would lose contact with the road surface. The loss of contact is dangerous and could easily lead to accidents as you lose control over the car. As the tyre wears and the tread depth decreases the ability to store water in the tread diminishes and the wet grip decreases. This is why it is important to change your tyres to a new set of tyres when the tread depth

You also have to monitor the tyre pressure to ensure that you have optimal performance. Low tyre pressure increases the wear and also can damage the sidewalls of the tyres. Your properties such as braking distance and wet grip will also be altered. If you purchase new summer tyres of high quality you will get better grip, which will reduce your braking distance. The tyres will also perform better on wet surfaces and hopefully have the latest technologies incorporated into the tread to prevent aquaplaning. The driving will be more precise and safer with new tyres, so make sure that when you reach 4 mm tread depth that you change all the four tyres to new tyres.

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