Even though you live in a country or area with great climate, you will definitely need an air conditioning system. Car Smart is one of the best suppliers of vehicle air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning is one of the vital car features of modern cars. Though you will find an air conditioning system in almost every car on the road, many drivers do not know how to maintain them or how they function properly.

If you do the following, your vehicle’s air conditioning system should keep working properly for the longest time:

Run Your AC Regularly

If you want your air conditioning system to keep working, you have to use it. You should run your air conditioning system at least ten minutes every week to ensure it works as it should.

When running your AC, test all the settings, from the mildest to the strongest. That way, you will be sure all elements of the system work.

Running your air conditioning regularly helps keep the gas pressure at optimal levels and the compressor in superb shape. If you do, there is less chance of mechanical problems affecting your AC.

If your car’s AC has a defrost setting, running it will remove moisture from the system and prevent accumulation of mildew. You will hence enjoy fresher air with less odors.

Keep the Windows Closed

A car’s air conditioning system is meant to control the environment inside the car. When you open your window and expose it to the elements, it has to work harder to maintain the settings you want.

Over time, your AC will function less efficiently in all ways. It will eventually lead to it breaking down costing you money and comfort.

Using your air conditioning system with the windows open also makes it use more coolant and fuel to cool or heat the air in the car. In the long run, it may prove very expensive.

Regularly Service the AC

The key to a well-functioning AC system is proper maintenance. Proper maintenance includes adhering to the service schedule as outlined in the service manual.

Your AC needs to undergo a complete service check at least once every year. Twice a year is more optimal even if the AC is still working fine.

By regularly servicing the AC system, any components that need to be repaired or replaced will be before any significant damage occurs. The older your car, the more often you need to service it.

Constant Monitoring

Just like your health, the best way to know the state of your AC is to monitor it constantly. Many problems with air conditioning systems can be easily fixed if found early.

One important facet of your AC that you need to check every day is the level of coolant. The coolant is the liquid responsible for reducing temperatures inside the car.

If the level of coolant gets too low, a mechanic may have to conduct the coolant change. If the coolant is being used too quickly, you may have a leak in the AC.

Being alert is the ultimate solution to a properly working AC system.

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