Over the recent years, threats to various kinds of attacks be it war or terror attacks has increased greatly. It is estimated through research that the level of these ballistic attacks has increased and they usually start with a blast. Due to this rising concern, the importance of ballistic protection has increased to a great extent, which has eventually increased the demand for armored vehicles. 

Here are some important aspects of armored vehicles that add to their security:

Ballistic Tires

While a normal vehicle’s tire is strong and doesn’t flatten by rough roads, the requirement in ballistic vehicles is a bit higher. The tires of armored vehicles must be made bulletproof. Though tires being bullet-proof are a little difficult to achieve, the tires of an armored vehicle are self-sufficient enough to restrain these bullets without affecting the vehicle’s speed and agility. Equipped with checked valves, bladders in the tires are capable of pumping air in and out whenever necessary. 

Ballistic Glass 

The bulletproof glass of an armored vehicle is made up of several layers of glass and is flexible enough to bear any attack. The glass of a ballistic vehicle is of significant importance because many shooters can see through the glass of the vehicle and are hence, most likely to aim the targets through the glass. It has to be strong enough to withstand any sort of blasts or bullets. 

Ballistic Exterior Of The Vehicle

Steel ballistic armored plate is used as the exterior of the armored vehicle for protection purposes. An armored vehicle cannot have similar exterior standards as a normal vehicle. They have been designed to provide much superior protection as compared to normal vehicles in much greater impact attacks.  In short, they are designed for a purpose.

Utilization Misconception 

There is a common misconception that ballistic vehicles are only used in the army for war purposes. However, these types of vehicles have their uses spread out to different industries and are used for acute security purposes. Its utilization can also be seen in the protection of high profile individuals through secured sedans, SUV’s, and limousines. Troy Armoring sedans are amongst the popular armored vehicles under this category, which comes with the best security features.

Armoring and securing of each part of a ballistic vehicle is of utmost importance. If any of these parts are missed, it can lead to catastrophic consequences in times of need.

Janis Dixon

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