For several reasons, the frame or suspension of the vehicle may be warped by tilting it to one side. You can verify this by taking a test drive. If you notice misalignment but think it doesn’t bother you enough to prevent the purchase, think again.

In addition to impairing the stability of the motorcycle, this may in future cause other problems, such as uneven tire wear. With the motos à Sherbrooke you can have the best deal here.

Take a Test Drive

Take advantage of the test drive recommended in the previous section to check the overall drivability of the motorcycle. Note not only the alignment, but also the commands. If the clutch is too hard , this is an indication that the motorcycle has already given what it had to give. Accelerator, gear and brakes cannot be hard or bad either. Even if it doesn’t bother you at the test, think about what it would be like to drive a motorcycle daily in these conditions.

Beware of Counterfeits

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  • Be careful not to fall into ordinary pitfalls

Before closing the purchase, check the chassis number in the vehicle documentation and see if it is the same as engraved on the motorcycle behind the fork. See if the chassis, license plate and color are the same in the document, live and in consultation with Renavam. Check thoroughly to make sure there is no tampering. Selling cloned vehicles is more common than you might think.

Pay attention to the electrical part

It is known as electric harness the set of cables that carry electricity and transmit information to the various peripheral systems of the motorcycle.

  • Above it is the motorcycle’s fairing and its seat. By removing them, you can verify it.
  • Note that the wiring is in good condition, orderly, without splices or signs of “jaggies”.
  • Test all electrical controls – headlights, arrows, brake light and horn.
  • When turning the key to start the motorcycle, also make sure that all the panel lights come on.
  • The electrical part of any type of vehicle is usually somewhat complex.
  • Any small problem found could result in a major headache in the future and require very expensive maintenance.

Avoid Motorcycle With Sports Exhaustion

Check if the motorcycle exhaust is original.

The issue of motorbike sports exhaust is an old controversy.

The fact is that it is not uncommon for owners to be fined in accordance with article 230, item VII of the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) , which defines as a serious violation to drive a vehicle with an “altered characteristic”.

In addition, when ownership of a vehicle is transferred, a new registration must be made, and section IV of article 124 of the CTB states that one of the requirements for this procedure is:

“IV – Vehicle Safety and Pollutant Emission Certificate, when there is adaptation or alteration of vehicle characteristics”

Sports exhaustion may result in failure to inspect the Vehicle Safety Certificate (CSV).

How Moto Documentation Download Works

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  • The next step is the registration of the transfer

Decided to buy used motorcycle?

Once you’ve found the perfect vehicle and closed the deal (following all of our tips, of course), don’t waste time and register it right in your name.

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