Protecting your car from adverse weather conditions is not just about covering the outer body. Still, it also involves making sure the inner parts are safe and can be safe from the slow damage that car interiors suffer unnoticed. Every car owner wants to prolong the number of years their car stands; a waterproof fabric spray can help you out.

Normally when a car is painted, the paint could last several months or years depending on the way the vehicle is used and catered for. But applying a waterproof spray on the paint coat can prolong its lifespan. But sprays are not just only for the exterior; you can also spray certain interior parts of your car.


Car seats are recipients of a lot of water when it rains, and lead to passengers getting wet. When the seats are soaked, they get uncomfortable to sit on and could even produce some unpleasant smell. But if you apply some waterproof spray, you would have reduced the rate at which your car seats soak in water. This also offers protection from sweating and accidental liquid spillage inside the car.

Door cushions, Armrest and Headrest: 

These two are other parts of the car that comes in contact with sweat almost every time. In fact, armrests are usually the first in parts of a vehicle to darken, if not well-protected. Simply spraying them will help a great deal in reducing the absorption of sweat or rainwater. The waterproof spray also helps to reduce the absorption of dirt and other larger particles.

Car exterior: 

Spray your car paint if you desire it to last longer than it naturally would. Although water-repellents work better, you could still use waterproof sprays. Also, take other measures like getting a car canopy or shed and avoid parking your car beneath trees.

The waterproof ability of fabric does not remain the same over time. Waterproof coats are chemicals that can be affected by dirt or oils which attract water after some time. Also, the more you use the car, the more the coat wears thin until it needs replacement. To remedy this, you can always improve the condition with a water proof Spray for fabrics. Sprays are easy to use and generally improve the shape of the car paint and interior fabric. Now you do not have to get another coat; simply buy and apply a spray, and you are good to go.

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