Speculation Confirmed: Kiss the Buick Regal Goodbye - The Truth ...

Why wouldn’t anyone love the Buick automobile brand? They have consistently delivered the best of everything in their cars. Not many brands are that consistent when it comes to delivery, but Buick isn’t backing down from the competition. Their cars are integrated with classic styles, top-notch technology, advanced safety measures, and stellar performance. 

This is why many dealerships worldwide sell Buick branded cars like the Royal Buick dealership in Baton Rouge. However, this brand dishes out surprises beyond a new stylish vehicle. There are so many amazing facts about them that surprise us every time it pops up. I bet you don’t know these facts either, but you are here to know them. So, let’s get right into it! Below are five surprising facts you probably didn’t know about Buick, and we’re sure you’ll love them. 

Over a century old! 

That’s right! This resilient automotive car brand has been around for as long as a century and is still counting. The brand was founded when people thought of cars as horseless carriages. Amazing, right? Buick was established back in 1899 and was initially called Buick Auto-Vim & Power Co. The creator was David Dunbar Buick, who was of Scottish descent, and this great company later came to be called Buick Motor Company. 

The Chinese love Buick!

Buick is not just popular in America, like most people believe, the Chinese also love to ride in style. This is apparent in the fact that 80% of Buick vehicles are sold continuously in this country. Hence, this resilient brand was termed the premium luxury brand back in 1910 by China. Back then, top officials were always buying Buick vehicles, not excluding the Emperor. 

The Story Behind the Buick Symbol

Ever wondered the story behind the Buick symbol, which is a tri-shield? Well, so have we. The emblem, which shows three different shields in the colors, white, blue, and red, was crafted based on the family crest of Buick’s founder David Dunbar Buick. It was initially a red shield with two diagonal lines but was upgraded to include the other two colors to show American pride. 

Oldest Auto Brand 

While Mercedes made the first car in the world, Buick takes the crown as the oldest American auto brand that is persisting. This irrepressible brand came out a month before the Ford Automotive brand, but in the same year. It has been around way before we were all born. 

The Inventor of the Overhead Valve Engine 

Ever wondered how overhead valve engines came about? Ask Buick! They were the first auto brand to create an overhead valve engine back in 1904, and it was very successful for them. Other manufacturers continued to use the valve-in block engine which was very inefficient for over fifty years, till they joined the winning team and copied the design.


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