We all hate to see that accidental scratch from a key or parking too close to the curb and it is a nightmare we face every day till we decide to clean it up with one of the many available car spray paint colors. These scratches are not only an eye sore but also depreciate the value of the vehicle by leaps and bounds. The touch ups that are done by professionals many times seem too expensive and we are faced with the choice of doing it ourselves. But thankfully it is a simple process. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right car spray paint colors: This is the most crucial step as a wrong selection of colours even if the rest of the application process is followed to the ‘T’. Com-paint can make this process very easy with its easy to use, drop down selection panel of colours that require only the brand name, model and year of manufacture to produce the perfect colour variants for your car. Bike spray paint can also be selected in the same manner from their website to make this step easier.

  1. Test the spray paint: Even though you got the absolute perfect match of the colour, it is still advisable to test that paint by spraying on an area that is inconspicuous before you start with the actual work of spray painting over the area that has the scratch damage. This will give you a fair idea of how many coats of paint will give you that perfect blend in with the rest of the painted surroundings.

  1. Clean the area: This should be done with a mild soap or a good vehicle shampoo, water and a clean cloth.

  1. Clear any loose edges: Smoothing the surface of the area to be painted with a sandpaper will loosen any edges from the paint and provide you with a cleaned up area that is ready for spray painting. A 1200 grit wet and dry sandpaper works best on most vehicle surfaces if you gently rotate it over the scratch area.

  1. Prime up the area: Clean the area to be painted and using a swab and denatured alcohol to clean the area in gentle circular motions to ensure that the area is completely devoid of any moisture or leave it alone in the sun for an hour or so before you start with the next step. Also apply a primer to any areas where the metal has been exposed due either the scratch or due to the sandpapering work.

  1. Apply the touch up: Use the spray paint as directed on the package, if buying from Com-Paint to cover the entire area that has been prepared and leave it to dry before adding more layers of paint to get the desired shade that blends perfectly with your vehicle.

Clare Louise

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