XPulse bikes are mostly used as a sports bike and it will be an air-cooled, 2 valve, 4 strokes, and single cylinder. XPulse bike might get 17-inch wheels on the front and at the rear and also it gets front telescopic forks with 190mm of wheel travel.

XPulse bike might be a modern and powerful interpretation of the impulse and also more off-road capable with longer suspension travel. It comes with engine retune or the larger rear sprocket. XPulse is one of the bikes with no competition and it also promises a level of versatility.

You can try XPulse bike for nearest off-road trails for fun. It has better suspension, bigger engine, and also has more performance. XPulse bike is considered an adventure bike. Here are the important details that you want to know about the XPulse bike.

Price of XPulse bike:

XPulse bike is a light motorcycle and its price is nearly in between one lakh. An xpulse price in India showroom is available below the price tag of Rs one lakh.

The engine in XPulse bike:

XPulse bike has an air-cooled, 2 valve, single-cylinder, 4 strokes, and 199.6cc engine. The same feature of XPulse bike is available in other bikes. XPulse bike is available with five-speed constant mesh gearbox and the mill produces 18.3 hp and 17.1 Nm of torque.

Specification of XPulse bike:

The main specification of XPulse bike is it has 190 mm in front telescopic forks of wheel travel. And also have 170mm in monoshock at the rear of wheel travel. In front, the wheel has 21 inches and the rear has an 18 inches wheel and the tourer had road-based tires.

The height of the seat is 825mm and the bike has knobby tires. The front disc has 276mm and 220mm disc at the rear these are considered as braking hardware.

Features in XPulse bike:

  • XPulse bike has engine sump guard, knuckle guard, high mounted exhaust for water wading capability, front beak and aluminum bash plate.
  • It also has a single-channel ABS. It has a digital speedometer, LED head and tail lamps.
  • You can lock rear wheel easily when you intend to do some sliding around in the dirt.
  • XPulse bike includes a fully digital instrument that comes with average speed, clock, turn by turn navigation assist and also have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • In addition to these features, it also has LED lights at both ends.
  • XPulse bike looks like a commuter motorcycle.
  • Another feature of XPulse bike is it has slightly wider handlebar with plastic hand-guard and ribbed seat which is a comfort for off-road cousin. XPulse bike also has a conventional exhaust system.
  • XPulse bike has a small LCD screen that is readable and it offers all the information you need such as rev counter, speedometer, trip meters, fuel consumption, and clock.

Final thoughts:

XPulse bikes are the most suitable choice to ride on roads mostly for sportspeople who are rides on bikes. You can also buy a bike for the best xpulse price in india.These are basic features of XPulse bikes; hope that you are clear about the XPulse bikes.

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