Your transmission is important for your semi to operate properly and if you begin to hear a clunking sound, there are a few reasons why your transmission is making that noise. If you hear this noise, you do have reason to be concerned.

Determining the reasons can save you time and money, especially if you have to purchase mighty auto parts for the repair. Transmission repairs will typically require a specially trained mechanic.

Transmission Fluid Too Old or Low:

Transmission fluid is needed in order to provide lubrication and to make shifting gears smooth. If the fluid is too old or too low then lubrication becomes difficult. Fluid should be red or dark pink in color and translucent.

If it’s brown, black, or cloudy then the transmission could have been burned or is old. You should consider a transmission flush service to fix this issue.

Sensors in Transmission Are Incorrectly Regulating Shifting Information: Many newer vehicles have the transmission controlled by computerized sensors. Clunking noises can happen because the sensors are sending incorrect speed or shifting information and it creates a problem with regulation.

Problems with Internal Components:

There are several types of components in the transmission. Each component contributes to allowing the transmission to shift properly. Problems with any one of the components can cause the clunking noise. To detect any issues with internal components, the transmission needs to be removed.

Loose or Broken Transmission:

If your transmission mount of engine breaks or becomes loose then you can hear a clunking noise when you have a sudden change in speed or when you shift gears due to the movement. You will have to look at parts under the semi in order to determine if it’s a loose transmission.

Faulty universal joints can also be mistaken as a clunking transmission since they are making clunking noises when decelerating and accelerating.

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