The incredible AdBlue Emulator has proved to be a game-changer for the malfunctioning issues of the SCR system. The automobile experts estimate saving up to 5% in the annual expenditure compared with the original catalytic converter setup.

Technically, AdBlue Emulator is a doppelganger of the SCR system, bypassing the unexpected mechanical collapse, associated power loss, and harsh riding experience.

Here is an easy-to-understand guide about AdBlue Emulators.

Need of AdBlue Emulator

Since the inception of SCR systems, drivers have complained about the mishaps that they were encountering due to faulty sensors,  overheating of the engine, and escalated fuel consumption. This proved too heavy on the driver’s pocket.

The AdBlue fluid involved in the working of the SCR system is an expensive commodity. With increasing falsification, the quality of the fluid is such that it tends to freeze in areas where the temperature drops below -10 degrees celsius. Thus, degrading performance of the SCR control unit by AdBlue pump blockage.

All these factors determine the need for an  AdBlue Emulator, which is developed in compliance with the emission guidelines to combat environmental pollution.

Installation Process of AdBlue Emulator

Emulators are structured following the vehicle type, emission standards, and emulation demand. Various prototypes of the emulators are tested before finalizing any model.

It is important that trucks receive compatible emulation software because, if not, it may lead to faulty synchronization and unnecessary power diagnostic errors. For instance, two different sets of emulators are designed for DAF trucks manufactured during 2013-17 and 2017-20, as per euro regulations.

The basic structure of the emulator has 4 wires, which are connected to the engine control unit, independent of the electronic system of the vehicle.

Post-plug-in of these wires, disable the SCR system and sensors, and let the emulator take over the machinery. In case of a lag, you may drive the vehicle to some distance to accelerate the software installation process.

Other than this, the AdBlue eraser is a complementary device designed specifically by the emulator’s pattern. Its main function is to erase entire DTC( Diagnostic Trouble Codes) error codes in the diagnostic system.

It eliminates the need for auxiliary scanner equipment or expertise in the field. The user only needs to plug this device into the OBD power outlet and set on the emulation process.

Thus, the emulator’s close association with ECU and OBD lets the user command the simulator smoothly. Unlike the SCR system, this program just takes seconds to begin and end the emulation process.

One of the most important things to consider while opting for AdBlue Emulators is its quality and programming competencies. Nowadays, vehicles are getting automated with advanced state-of-art facilities, which require precise supplementary functionalities to maintain the coherence of the vehicle’s dynamics.

Cheap emulators do more damage than benefit, most are not compatible, and others only simulate the temperature or gas sensors, thus leading to lasting damage to the catalyst, consumption of excess power, and subsequently fuel.

A pro tip for drivers deploying AdBlue emulators is to check the local laws while traveling across countries, especially for trading purposes.

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