The mechanism that goes into designing a car’s braking system is fascinating. It’s not just the brake pedals that bring a vehicle to a stop. The machinery inside those pedals is what matters. What we’re talking about are brake calipers and brake pads. 

Brake calipers are fitted on the rotor of the wheels. The metal plates present inside these calipers are braking pads. So, when the brake pedals are pressed, the brake fluid pushes the caliper that’s clamped at the front of the wheels. It creates a strong resistance against the motion of the wheels. This resistance creates pressure on the brake pads that brings the car to a complete halt. 

To put it simply, the rotors on the wheels, the brake calipers on the rotors, and the brake pads and brake pistons inside the brake calipers produce a combined force that stops a vehicle. 

Needless to say, brake calipers should be of very high quality. The benchmark is the DCB Cross Drilled Rotors brake calipers. Some of the amazing features that they exhibit are as follows. 

  1. DCB calipers are fitted with new guide bolts and pins.
  2. They have new dust seals and O-rings. 
  3. They make use of the newest Quiet Clips™ to damp the screeching noise that’s otherwise produced when the brakes are applied. 
  4. The Zinc Dichromate finish adds to the aesthetics of the wheels. 

If your vehicle has started showing signs of a faulty braking system, the DCB calipers are the best options to replace your current calipers with. 

Moving on, let’s take you through 3 amazing braking kits that you can use to replace the current braking system of your vehicle for better and safer performance. Have a look! 

  1. The Black XD Brake Kit – The rotors are electroplated to make them dust-resistant. The shims are made of stainless steel for heat dissipation. A high carbon metallurgy mechanism is used to dampen the noise that’s otherwise produced when the brakes are applied. 
  2. The Black Kote Brake Kit – The rotors have a better design. They exhibit a multiple-vane configuration set up for better heat dissipation. The electrophoretic brake rotors are truly corrosion-proof. The rotors are temperature sensitive and the braking pads and calipers are speed-sensitive.
  3. The G-3000 Brake Kit – It has a double disc ground for smoother performance. The brake pads are semi-metallic. Hence, the friction produced is evenly distributed around the rotor so that the car comes to a jerk-free halt during panic stops too. 

Estella Miller

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