When selecting dually wheels and rims, the market offers various options, making it crucial to focus on quality, fit, and function. One company that stands out in this sector is DDC Wheels. They have developed a reputation for providing high-quality solutions tailored to dually pickups, a niche that demands precise engineering and robust performance.

Understanding Dually Wheels and Rims

Dually wheels are designed for trucks that require dual rear wheels on each side, providing greater stability and load capacity. This design is essential for heavy-duty applications and has specific requirements for fitting and durability.

Features of DDC Wheels

DDC Wheels has innovated in this industry by designing wheels that mount directly onto the OEM dually chassis. This eliminates the need for aftermarket adapters, which can be costly and compromise the vehicle’s integrity. Their wheels ensure a hub-centric fit, which is crucial for achieving maximum concentricity and maintaining vehicle balance.

The design of their wheels features an 8 lug pattern but offers a standard 10 lug appearance, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the trucks. This Big Rig look is favored by many truck owners who prefer a robust and aggressive appearance.

Moreover, DDC Wheels provides options such as bullet style or spike lug covers, allowing customization to match the truck owner’s preferences. Each set is capable of accommodating tires up to 12.50” wide without requiring rear dual spacers, which is an advantage for those looking to customize their setup further.

Quality and Durability

Quality is a cornerstone of DDC Wheels’ offerings. They use aluminum for the center caps and spikes, while their lug covers and bolts are made of stainless steel. This choice of materials ensures longevity and resilience, crucial for the demanding environments in which these trucks operate.

The company offers two models: DDC-Cast and DDC-Forged. Both types maintain high load ratings, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. Customers can choose from raw machined or black finished wheels, each reflecting the consistent quality that DDC Wheels is known for.

Why Choose DDC Wheels Over Others?

The main reason to consider DDC Wheels over other brands is their commitment to quality and specific focus on dually wheels. Their products are designed without plastic components, which are less durable and often seen in cheaper alternatives. Instead, they use robust metal and stainless steel, enhancing the structural integrity of the wheels.

Their direct fit design tailored for RAM, Ford, and GM dually trucks ensures that installation is straightforward and the fit is perfect, reducing potential issues related to wheel alignment and balance. This focus on specialized design caters specifically to the needs of dually truck owners, making DDC Wheels a preferred choice for those who prioritize reliability and performance.


Choosing the right provider for dually wheels and rims requires consideration of their expertise, product quality, and the specific needs of your vehicle. DDC Wheels excels in these areas, making them a recommended choice for anyone looking to upgrade or replace their dually truck wheels. Their innovative approach to wheel design and commitment to quality and durability place them ahead in a market filled with numerous options. When selecting wheels for a dually truck, it is wise to prioritize products like those from DDC Wheels, which are specifically crafted to enhance the vehicle’s performance and appearance.

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