Though both the Diesel and Gasoline engines work in a similar fashion, there are some differences that you might need to know. For example, the way both the engines extract energy from their respective fuel is different. This is so because diesel and gasoline differ from each other in their viscosity and chemical formation. This difference can be better observed in colder climatic conditions, as that thickens the flow of the fuel.

In this entire procedure, we find a component named Diesel Glow Plugmaking a lot of difference in startingup the diesel engines faster. But to know how the Diesel Glow Plugworks, we need to know the basic difference between the Gasoline and Diesel, which we got to know from the mechanical staff of the Greenacres Chevrolet dealer.

Difference Between Gasoline and Diesel

The primary difference between gasolineand diesel can be best understood by observing how their flash points and autoignition temperatures work in comparison to each other. The Flash point is the coldest temperature at the point of which a substance can get ignited, while on the other hand, the autoignition temperature is the lowest temperature at the point of which a substance set itself on fire automatically.

While Gasoline will always have a very low flash point, Diesel will have much higher flash point, and a comparatively lower autoignition temperature.As fuel ignition in diesel engine is so highly dependent on temperature, it becomes difficult tostart diesel engines in cold temperature and as a result it also emits higher amount of emissions when the engine is idling.

The Role of Glow Plug

Glow plug is a device that helps the cold diesel engines start faster by warming it up.In cold climatic conditions, the engine becomes cold and can block the cylinder head function as the heat sinks down. It also lowers the air temperature reducing the engine efficiency to a great extent.

That is where the glow plugs can come in rescue. It starts boosting up the temperature of the compressed air filled upwithin the cylinder, by pushing it higher than the autoignition temperature level of the diesel. The Glow Plug Warmer works by blocking the air temperature from getting cold and thus helps in starting the engine normally that also results in less emissions during engine idling.

How it Works

The modern diesel cars come with diesel glow plug that looks pretty similar to that of a pencil soldering iron and also functions almost the same way. The diesel glow plug, which is threaded into the cylinder placed near the fuel injector port is powered by a high-current circuit. When the plug is switched on, it pre-starts the warming process through its internal heater coils that get heated upfrom glowing orange to red-hot. That way it generates the required amount of heat to start the cold diesel engine and reduces the workload of the engine. It is the same way it helps in reducing the emission rate of the engine when it is idling.

The mechanics of the Greenacres Chevrolet service center hence advise all the diesel car owners to keep a check on the glow plug to make sure the engine never faces any difficulty to start even when it is freezing cold outside.`

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