There are numerous types of auto tints such as dyed film, carbon film, ceramic film, factory films etc. and the contemporary top brands of tints include the Suntek, motoShield Pro, 3M, Lexen, Gila and many more. Whether to block sunlight or upgrading the look of your car or truck one of these best window tints is able to completely transform your vehicle. Contact Tech Teinte for the appropriate tint and get all the assistance to transform your vehicle.

The dyed film type of tint comes with a layer of dye between a polyester top coating and an adhesive layer. The dyed film tint provides the driver as well as the other people inside the vehicle goo visibility. It appears opaque and flat from outside. The dyed film tint is less expensive and affordable at the same time non-reflective and blocks glare. On the other hand, when it comes to UV and heat, the dyed film tint is not much effective and provides the least protection. Moreover, this tint has high chances of deterioration in high temperature and will turn from black to purple shade by the UV rays. If you incorporate metallic metallized film tint along with an adhesive layer it will block the UV rays.

On the other hand, the carbon film tints block the UV rays as well as the interior fading. They do not fade as other tints do, and keep the interior cool resulting in reduced fuel consumption of your vehicle because minimising the need of air conditioning of your vehicle. More effective is the ceramic film tint which blocks 99% of UV rays in comparison to 40% performance for carbon film tints. It is one of the latest tints which has all the qualities of best film tints including resisting the fading, reducing glare, keeping the vehicle cool etc. but it is expensive. 

As already stated, the tint provides you with numerous benefits such as extra interior cooling, blocking UV rays, resisting the glare, ensures your privacy, reducing fuel consumption, prevents interior fading, ensuring glass protection etc. Since the tints help in maintaining the interior temperature and keep it cooler especially in the summer, your air conditioning gets support and consumes less fuel. As far as UV rays are concerned, there are instances of 90% of UV rays protection by several tints. Above all, Whether in the day or night, glare from the sun rays in the day and headlight glare from the front vehicles in the night, the tints are the only option for you to get protection from glare.

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