Looking for a used car in Toronto can be like looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to the ideal car for one’s own needs. Luckily, going online alleviates these issues and allows everyone to narrow down what they need pretty quickly, but there is always one lingering question when it comes to buying a used car: does one buy from a private seller or does one go to a used car dealership?

There is the old idea of a used car salesman being untrustworthy, but they’re also rumored to wear plaid, which isn’t true, either! The opposite is actually true today. Used car dealerships in Ontario have to adhere to certain practices and regulations according to government law. This is the first reason why a used car dealership is a better option as opposed to going for a private sale. Torontonians are afforded basic consumer rights when purchasing a vehicle. This isn’t the same when it comes to a private seller. They don’t have to adhere to many of the same laws, because they’re not a business.

It’s the same issue when it comes to contracts. The sale of a vehicle forms a contract with the buyer where everyone agrees to the specifics of the sale and what the dealerships can be liable for, should something go wrong with the vehicle in the short term. A private seller is quick and easy to agree with when it comes to a used vehicle, but once it’s sold, it is sold. If a person discovers anything wrong with the vehicles afterward, they have to take the seller to a small claims court to recoup their losses.

Inaccurate information on a vehicle is what can lead to these kinds of misunderstandings. Used Car Dealerships in Toronto are usually diligent in ensuring that a vehicle has been properly researched so that a prospective buyer is aware of the background of the car they’re buying. Private sellers can be just as meticulous in providing a buyer all of the information associated with their car, they just usually aren’t particularly inclined to do so.

Used car dealerships are brick and mortar companies that are going to be there for years to come, and there’s a certain security in knowing that a purchase from them means they can consult with a dealership after they’ve gotten their vehicle. Although it’s not done very often, a dissatisfied customer can even return their car. The only issue with a private sale is that the seller can just disappear, especially if they were in the process of moving when they sold the car. A private seller may also be more inclined to ask for more than the car is worth. Even though the bluebook price might be accurate, dealerships might offer better deals for a specific make and model.

Regardless of anyone’s final decision, always ensure that proper research is done on a used vehicle to ensure that a good deal is made and one that won’t involve any regrets!

Estella Miller

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