Riding a motorcycle brings ample thrill; however, several laws are attached to it that you need to follow to remain protected. Although each state follows its own law book, there are certain common ones that you should be aware of. If you love riding a motorcycle and want to know about motorcycle accident lawsuits, you have landed on the right page. 

In this article, we will highlight the top 5 motorcycle accident lawsuits that everyone needs to follow to keep themselves and the people around them physically, mentally and emotionally safe. Let’s dive in! 

Motorcycle Accident Laws: Overview

1. Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws

The importance of helmets has increased significantly as they prevent head and eye injuries, which can potentially lead to death. According to the motorcycle helmet law, no motorcycle rider is allowed to ride a motorcycle or bike without a helmet. 

2. Motorcycle Eye Protection Laws

According to the motorcycle eye protection law, no motorcycle rider should be riding a bike without an eye protector, including motorcycle glasses, goggles or a D.O.T. visor on your helmet.  

3. Motorcycle Noise Restrictions Laws

Most states require mufflers on motorcycles so that the noise made by your motorcycle does not frustrate others. Although not implied in all states, it is a popular motorcycle accident lawsuit. 

4. Motorcycle Daytime Headlights Laws

The use of daytime headlights has become extremely common and is gaining much popularity. The primary reason for using headlights in the daytime is due to safety purposes. Although they might not have a massive difference during the daytime, they are essential at night to prevent accidents. 

5. Motorcycle Lane Splitting Laws

Lane splitting is a commonly performed practice where smaller vehicles like bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds or others pass other larger vehicles like trucks or cars by going into some left-out areas between one or more lanes. It is an illegal practice; thus, motorcycle lane-splitting law is made to minimize the chances of accidents. 

How Can You Claim in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

  1. Medical Bills: Motorcycle accidents cause minor and major injuries, which results in extensive medical bills and travel expenses that can be claimed.  
  1. Pain and Sufferings: After accidents, the victim experiences physical and mental pain, which gets compensated.  
  1. Mental Health: Post the accident, the victim experiences anxiety, depression or post-trauma disorders resulting from a severe motorcycle accident. In this condition, you can get complete compensation.  
  1. Property Damage: During the collision, your property, like a motorcycle, hamlet, mobile phone or laptop, might get damaged if you carry them. These damages can be claimed.  

Wrapping Up!

For your protection and benefit, the government has introduced several motorcycle accident lawsuits which you should follow to minimize the chances of accidents. 

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