Car maintenance and servicing is an essential thing to do in order to prevent many problems and to spend several thousand dollars on repairing. These are the major reasons for the roadside breakdown.

  1. Flat tire

There are lots of vehicles that have no spare tire nowadays because of automobile manufacturers striving to lower on-board mass for enhancing fuel economy. If you have a spare tire, you will be trying to make a switch and ensure that your vehicle and the jack are on a safe ground level.

Try not to plant a jack on soft surfaces or gravel. Look for a piece of flat wood or a concrete paver to put beneath the jack in these situations. Loosen the nuts of the tire before taking the load off the tire. It is important to know how to choose a truck tire so you can easily change out your current ones for a new outfit.

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  1. Oil issues

If your car’s engine comes to a stop as it runs out of engine oil, there is possibly something you can do on the roadside to make everything going well again. If you are running an oil burner, you need to have some spare bottles inside the trunk.

While engines are mainly prepared of cast iron, they may start again following a seizure caused by a shortage of oil after being allowed to cool down and extra oil was added.

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  1. Fuel issues

The most common reason for roadside breakdowns is shortage of fuel. If your engine begins to sputter when you quickly realize the gauge needle is regulated for the basement, kindly diverging the vehicle from side to side along with the steering might get you some hundred extra meters of travel as this will splash any leftover fuel up to the gas station pickup. This can create the disparity between being trapped in heavy traffic and landing in a secure roadside area.

The aged vehicles can have fuel pump breakdowns that will offer exactly the similar signs as running out of fuel.

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What should you do during a road side emergency?

Ensure that you are fully ready. During a road side emergency, it is important that you always have the required tools inside the vehicle. These tools include a first aid kit, spare fuses, fire extinguishers, etc.

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