Though Genesis has not announced anything official about the launch off 2020 G80 model yet, the journalists couldn’t resist their urge to spy on this newly formed brand that parted from Hyundai only to redefine the concept of in-car luxury in every sense of the term.

At the Genesis dealer near Sicklerville we got the chance to look at the spy snapshots taken from the shades of the Genesis factory. They loudly speak of the fact that the upcoming 2020 Genesis G80 is going to certainly stand out of its class of mid-size luxury cars, but what will be more intriguing is the engine options it is going to provide and at the price in which it will be available.

There shouldn’t be any doubt about the creamy rides it will deliver, as Genesis has mastered the skill of combining fine driving mechanisms tagged along with a comfortable cabin filled with upscale materials.

Will the Year 2020 Do Any Good?

You can hardly find anything irrelevant when it comes to the brand Genesis. Saying that we mean that when it is time to launch a new model year edition, Genesis is expected to make only those changes that were dearly needed. So, for 2020, Genesis can have some changes in the design front while the most significant upgrade will be under the hood, that will replace the V-8 engine with a naturally aspirated V6 one.

The 2020 G80 engine will be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and configured as rear- or all-wheel drive. The standard configuration of the 2020 model year of Genesis G80 will be poised with the right driving components and will be perfectly tuned for comfort. The suspension is expected to be well damped but steady, to ensure a relaxed ride that can soak up all the road imperfections.

All these will be able to control all the body motions while the entire feature package will be focused mainly on striking the right balance between a sporty performance and a harmoniously rendered drive.

Luxury and Utility

Genesis has already proved its mettle in interior layout that has paralleled and in some cases surpassed the level of luxury provided in its rival models. So, it won’t be wrong to guess that the  cabin appointments of the 2020 G80 will automatically echo all the latest luxury standards maintained in other Genesis cars.

The pictures we saw at the Genesis dealership near Sicklerville showed that even the base models are offering greater comfort than many luxury cars in its class. The arrangement of buttons placed on the dashboard are assigned to control the climate and the infotainment section. We would specially want to appreciate the outward because of the large windows that are now rare to be found in most family cars.

Space is never a constraint in Genesis cars, so, the 2020 Genesis G80 will allow you to stretch out when the journey is including several hours.

The space allotted for the cargo can easily gulp in all your Golf equipment and that is said enough about how it can swallow all your travel gears without a hassle.

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