If you are planning to visit Canada and renting a car for your travel in your vacation, it would truly turn your vacation to an exciting adventure. You will have multiple benefits by renting a car instead of roaming by the public vehicle such as you will have all the freedom and flexibilities to organise your trips, can stop whenever and wherever you like, take as much time as you want to stay at gorgeous landscapes etc. However, it all depends on your budget and the ability to find a suitable car renting company like Location Decarie car rental who can provide you with a best and affordable rental car for your entire stay in Canada.

Begin with your search of rental car with the most sensitive and essential aspect of your affordability or your budget. You know that rental cars’ prices vary from company to company. Therefore, you must first get the quotes of prices from various car rental companies based on your tour details. 

There are websites who compare car rental prices and suggest the best and affordable car rental companies for searchers. You just need to feed the details and click to get the details. This may save your time on searching for the suitable car rental company for your purpose. The prices primarily depend on the type of car you need and on your advance booking. An overall summary per day prices of rental cars in Canada would be (1) economy car that would cost you 48 CAD in high seasons and 44 CAD in off-seasons, (2) mini-cars are same to economy cars, (3) 4 x 4 cars 87 CAD in high seasons and 81 CAD in off-seasons, and (4) RV cars 138 in high seasons and 106 in low seasons. However, you may get a discount if you book adequately in advance. 

While dealing with the rental car prices you should be also aware of the price of the fuel because the maximum part of your travel budget will go on the gasoline. The gas prices in Canada are generally higher in Canada in comparison to the US but are cheaper from Europe. The gas prices normally depend on the provinces in Canada. 1l or ¼ gallon of gas should cost you around 132 CAD but you should check for the latest update on gas prices in Canada or the province you wish to visit. Remember to fill the tank full while returning the car. Or else you will have to spend more because the price of the rental office will be much higher in comparison to gas stations.

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