Majority of drivers barely pay any attention to their windscreen wipers. Cars nowadays have other highly efficient safety measures that enhance driving safety substantially. Considering their importance, you should definitely pay them more mind.

Even if you get the best windshield wipers from Car Smart, even though they are one of the cheapest car parts to replace you need to ensure you do all you can to maintain them. They are an important car part when you truly need them for example when you are driving through a rainstorm.

The following are some tips you can use to increase your windshield wiper’s lifespan:

Clean Them

Though it may sound obvious, you may be surprised about how seldom drivers clean their windshields. They may only notice a dirty windshield when they leave dirty streaks on their windshield.

The best way to clean your wiper blades is to rub alcohol on a towel and then run them along the edge of the wipers. It will remove all the dirt, debris and grime that has built up on them.

The frequency of cleaning your wipers also matters a lot. You should clean your windshield wipers at least once a month to keep them clean.

Check the Rubber on the Wipers

The rubber on your windshield wipers is one of their most important parts. It is the part that actually cleans your windshield.

Whenever you hear a screeching sound or see slight scratches when your wipers run across your windshield, it is clear indication that your wipers are in bad condition. You should replace your wipers as soon as possible.

 By checking the rubber on the wipers, you can save yourself the agony of a damaged windshield. If the damage is mild, rubbing them with sandpaper should clear it up. If the rubber is significantly worn out, you have no choice but to replace the rubber.

Keep the Wipers Away from the Sun

The sun is the ultimate windshield wiper enemy. The effects of leaving your car in the sun for too long are devastating on your wipers. It will cause the rubber to crack and disintegrate making them highly inefficient.

Therefore, whenever you are parking your vehicle, you should ensure that you put it in the most shaded area possible. Getting extra protection for the wipers is also a wise move.

Replace the Washer Fluid

Every driver knows the agony of having their windshield sprayed by murky water on a rainy day but not having washer fluid to clean the windshield. It is not only cumbersome but very dangerous because if you cannot see the road you can hurt other drivers or pedestrians.

When you are vigilant about the state of your windshield wipers, you do not have to be one of those poor drivers on the road who has to alight with a bottle of water to clean their windshields.

Before driving off your driveway, you should always check your washer fluid. Lack of washer fluid causes friction between the wipers and the windshield which significantly ruins them.

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