If you are in the market for new summer tyres or new all-weather tyres, now for the summer, make sure you buy high quality tyres. High quality tyres exhibit the best safety performance and will be cheaper in the long run than cheaper tyres. It is good to check various tyre reviews and tyre tests done by independent car magazines to see how the tyres rank in their tests. Some tests might favor certain tyres and that test might not be fully representing your driving conditions, so it is good to be a bit skeptical to the tests. The test requirements might not mimic your driving conditions. Tyres that are highly rated and perform well in the tests should be included in your range of tyres for consideration when selecting a tyre.

If you select tyres for an SUV, then remember that you will need specific SUV summer tyres or SUV all-weather tyres, as they do require different tyres than normal passenger cars. Make sure that you select the right tyre dimensions that are recommended for your vehicle. You shouldn’t deviate from this as it might impact the performance, the wear of the vehicle and can give a wrong reading of your instruments like odometer and speedometer. The tyre dimension can be found in the user’s handbook, or then you can use a tyre selector, which you can find online. There they can find your tyre dimension based for your specific car model. Once you know your dimension you can also search for tyres that will fit that dimension. That simplifies the selection a bit.

If you search for summer tyres with a width of 275 and a height ratio of 55 for rims that are 20 inches and you want radial tyres, then you just enter 275/55R20 summer tyres into your search engine and check the results that you get. You should get a list of summer tyres that fulfill the search criteria. For the tyres that you find online, you should also be able to access the EU tyre label online. On the EU tyre label you can see the information on how well they perform on fuel efficiency, wet grip and tyre noise.

If you need tyres for a hybrid or an electric vehicle, you should make sure that the tyres are suitable for the heavier vehicles, as the battery packs in the electrical vehicles and hybrids increase the weight of them. This can cause normal tyres to wear out too quickly. Due to the increased wear of these vehicles it is important to measure the tread depth on a regular basis to see if you should rotate the tyres, so that you can even out the wear between the rear and the front wheels. This can increase the lifetime of your tyres by more than 50% and you always want to purchase a full set of tyres to ensure that you have similar grip on all positions around the vehicle.

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