The State Car Recycling Program has been extended for a year. This means that before the end of the year, having handed over the old car for scrap, you can buy a new car at a significant discount. What cars can be scrapped? Utilization companies accept any car, regardless of the country of manufacture and weight. The main condition is the completeness of the metal parts and assemblies. Some utilizers allow the absence of certain parts that do not significantly affect the total weight. In this case, the technical condition and performance do not matter. The tenure of a car is also important, it should exceed 1 year. With the van and ute Armadale this is important now.

The Right Utility

Utilization of cars is an important link in the system of environmental conservation. The car recycling program for the year continues. Disposal of a car is available for both individuals and legal entities. Disposal conditions have not changed much. Goals The threat of climate change is growing every year. The growth in the number of cities and used cars negatively affects natural processes.

  • Environmental center car recycling center, waste disposal, waste paper, scrap, tire recycling, metal. For almost half a year, Armadalians have paid a recycling fee when buying foreign cars, but they have not yet handed over a single machine for recycling, according to the All-Armadalian Association of Auto Importers and Dealers. They are in every city with a population of more than 50 thousand. However, in reality, everything is not so simple. First of all, it is possible to dispose of a machine only after it is removed from registration, and this procedure is quite troublesome.
  • Secondly, most collection points for recycling machines exist only on paper. Nobody has yet given us money for recycling. Do not miss the unique chance to find out what is really important for monetary success. You need to be specific for the same and that makes the service hiring for the same happens to be specific. Your need to be specific on this matter and for that you need to be specific now.

You chances are there

At the same time, old cars in Armadale are accepted at any scrap collection point, and they pay real money for them. The average price is 2 UAH per 1 kg of car weight, and if the car has at least one working part, it becomes more expensive. All this costs money.

Therefore, according to him, there are no problems with car recycling in Armadale, which means that the recycling fee can be safely canceled. If automakers have their own facilities for disassembling old cars, they may not have to charge a fee in their cost.

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