Mounting your tank bag is another important task when you’re preparing for your motorbike tour. Basically, there are two major ways of mounting your tank bag on your motorbike’s tank i.e. mount with magnetic system and mount using straps.

Mount with magnetic system

This is the easiest way to mount your bag with the tank of the motorbike. This feature is given by the tank bag which makes use of large magnets and they are placed in the base of the bag. When you put your tank bag on the tank of your bike which is made from metal in most of the motorbikes, the bag sticks to the tank because magnets attract the metal. Therefore, this method of mounting is not applicable on tail bags, as they are supposed to be placed at the back of the bike.

This kind of bag makes your tour much easier as you simply don’t have to do much to mount or unmount your tank bag. All you have to do is to put your tank bag on the tank and it attaches within a second. Later, if you want to go somewhere, simply grab it and take it with you leaving no straps behind. Moreover, it can be used in multiple bikes considering that their tanks are made of metals. In newer models of bikes, it’s becoming rear to have metal tanks and therefore this method is not going to be applicable in future. This method is not applicable on tail bags, a

s there is no metal at the back seat of the bike. Hence, the second method is ideal for tail bags as they are capable of storing more stuff that can be placed at the back of the bike without making scratches on the back seat.

Mount using straps

The most commonly used method of mounting tank bag is to mount it by using the straps. If you cannot afford a magnetic base tank bag or your bike does not have a metal tank, this method is the most preferred one. It cannot be said that it is 100% secure method and it makes your bag impossible to be stolen but still it is considered as one of the most secure methods of mounting a tank bag. One great advantage of this method is that it keeps your bag secure from falling off the tank because of its tight support. So, it does not matter if you’re riding fast or bouncing on an off-road track, your heavy stuff is never going to fall off.  Also, during the ride you will never have to be worried about the bag and you can focus more on riding the bike carefully on a long route.

However, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that it takes a lot of time to mount or unmount your tank bag. It is common in the tour that you have to stop at different spots to stay and camp, and therefore every time you have to spend a lot of time on it. Moreover, the bags can keep rubbing to the tank making big scratches on it. Another problem with this method is that it becomes really hard to move your tank bag from one bike to another.




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