Whether you are a New Zealander returning to your home country or an Australian relocating to the lovely country of New Zealand, shipping your car to New Zealand is an important task you’ll have to do.

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While you may be wondering how to do that properly, transporting a car from Australia to New Zealand is pretty simple if done with right preparation and through a right shipping company. Here are two most important things you should do.

1. Choosing a Right Shipping Company

If you are wondering how to know whether a shipping company is right for your needs or not, understand that there are certain signs that will help you know that.

Being new in the business is not necessarily bad; however, overseas shipping needs thorough knowledge of the stringent regulations in various countries.

Hence a well-established company is more likely to offer you polished processes to work with them, and do the job efficiently.

Being in business for so many years is also a sign that they have attained the ability to do everything correctly as there is not even a slight chance for mistake in this industry.

Make sure the company you are considering to hire has specific knowledge in shipping cars from Australia to New Zealand and vice versa, and can handle Customs clearing efficiently.

While hiring a local company is not a necessity, being able to meet them in person can help.

For example, car transport Brisbane to Perth from Dazmac Logistics is worth considering because they are experts in international shipping too.

When it comes to comparing quotes, be sure you understand well what is included and what isn’t.

Shipping may include a lot of specialist terms and acronyms. In that case, don’t hesitate to ask questions. How they respond to your queries is also a good sign of the level of their customer service.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

2. Collecting Documents Required for Shipping Your Car

Once you find someone like expert importing a car to New Zealand from Dazmac Logistics, they will ask you to provide certain papers for your vehicle to be permitted to be registered for use on New Zealand roads.

These are as follows:

Proof of Ownership: These are the original documents that can establish the ownership history of your car, up to the last registered owner in Australia.

Compliance with Emissions Standards: Vehicles in Australia need to comply with ADR (Australian Design Rules) regarding emission and safety so as to be permitted on the road.

Frontal Impact Standards: If your vehicle was made after 1996, there will be an ADR compliance plate on it and you don’t need to anything further.

If your car was made somewhere from 1994 to 1996 when frontal impact standards were in the process of development, it may not have an ADR plate.

However you can use the New Zealand Transport Agency to see whether your vehicle complies.

Fuel Consumption: The online tool of New Zealand Agency allows you to check your car’s compliance with the fuel consumption standards.

You just have to submit your vehicle’s information to obtain your fuel consumption certificate which will be needed by the entry certifier.

Finding the right shipping company and collecting all the required documents will make the process of shipping your car smooth and simple.

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