While shipping any vehicles overseas, it is necessary to invest more time and thought for planning and organizing everything. Failing to do that may end up with either any damage to your car or unwanted expenses and delays, etc.

You need to understand that you will always have more options. If you want to find any New York car shipping company for transporting your car then there can be more than any single way of doing it. There are few other reliable companies like New York Transportation Services also do exist.

Following are few of the common mistakes for vehicle shipping that you must try to avoid at all cost, since your car is one of your valuable possession.

     1. Not doing enough research

Often people do not research enough and select any company that they come across and trust on them. You must understand that there are number of other professional companies do exist who are quite dependable too.

You must read the reviews of different companies before choosing one.

    2. Choosing any unreliable company

Often people tend to choose a company who offers lowest price and immediately tend to choose them. Often these companies may never meet their commitments and may never deliver your car well in time.

You may have to chase them to get your car shipped to your destination.

    3. Not present during the delivery of car

If you did not ensure when your car was shipped then chances are there that it can be shipped before you reach to your destination and your car may be stranded in a place where it may be hit or scratched.

You must schedule your movement plan in careful manner.

    4. Shipping any loaded vehicle

People often try to put some of their belongings in the car, however the shipping companies are only responsible for shipping your car only. They will not compensate in case your items are missing or damaged during transportation.

    5. Not checking all documentations

Make sure that you have checked all the necessary documentations while handing over the car to the shipping company. Never do it under haste but be careful to check each paper carefully.

If you find anything missing or any discrepancy, then do not hesitate to ask.

    6. Not reading the finer lines of the quotation

You must read the quotation very carefully and understand all their terms and conditions so that you do not get a surprise while the shipping company raise their high bill.

Often few charges are not mentioned in the quoted price but are always mentioned in the terms and condition.

    7. Not checking about Insurance

Though there are little chances of any theft or major damage of your car while shipping but still it is important to get your car insured during shipping for any unexpected eventuality.

    8. Take for granted about delivery date

Often people take it for granted the date provided by the shipping company. It is necessary that you must have the contact number of the driver so that you will know exact location of your car.

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